Texas Two Steps Four-Pack Bundle

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The Texas Two Steps Four-Pack Bundle (Volume One) features the first four stories in the series. TX2Steps are sensual short stories ranging between 6500-8500 words. They’re published and sold individually, but the Texas Two Step Bundle gives you four stories for the price of three. TX2Steps are quick sexy reads, just the right length to enjoy during lunch breaks, soaks in the tub or while waiting in the doctor’s office.

TX2Step #1: Darcy and Gabe

Ever since her divorce, Darcy Miller spends many a Saturday morning attending home repair workshops at the local Builders’ Depot. When the sexy new instructor offers one-on-one lessons, Darcy discovers do-it-yourself is much more fun with the help of a handsome handyman.

TX2Step #2: Kristy and Jim

In the face of danger, firefighter Jim Hennessey goes in and gets the job done. But in matters of the heart, the handsome Texan isn’t so brave. When a swarm of honeybees takes up residence in Kristy Baker’s backyard, Jim comes to the rescue and captures them. Can he capture Kristy’s heart as well?

TX2Step #3: Melanie and Blake

Blake Chambers is the president of the Lone Star Cattle Ranchers Association, and it’s time for the Annual Christmas Ball. Blake doesn’t know the first thing about organizing a holiday dance. Lucky for him, Melanie Woods does. The sexy Meeting/Events Manager at the Coyote Lake Resort Hotel takes charge and all goes smoothly . . . until Blake’s date cancels at the last minute. Melanie can’t resist when the ruggedly handsome rancher asks her to step in and be his escort for the night. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, right?

TX2Step #4: Jenny and Colt

Colt Davis avoids commitment and long-term relationships like the plague. No woman’s going to tie him down. All his life, he’s guarded his freedom and relished his independence. That is . . . until he meets the irresistible Jenny Mitchell.

Remember: Life’s too short NOT to love a Texan!!!

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