Jenny and Colt


Short Story/6500 words
Heat Index: Hot and Steamy

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Colt Davis avoids commitment and long-term relationships like the plague. No woman’s going to tie him down. All his life, he’s guarded his freedom and relished his independence. That is . . . until he meets the irresistible Jenny Mitchell.




Jenny watched Colt approach and her heart lurched in that familiar, yet disturbing way, only he could produce.

He opened the door and climbed in. “God, you look good.” He leaned over and kissed her hard, before stabbing the key into the ignition and starting the car.

Colt smiled his lethal smile, and his eyes gleamed feral as he swiped the raindrops from his face and smoothed back his wet hair. A thrill shot through Jenny’s veins.

He’d actually come looking for her. He still wanted her. The desire was there for anyone to see. She swallowed the lump in her throat and warned herself to calm down. The sexual attraction between them had always been strong. Did Colt want her badly enough that he couldn’t live without her? Even if he didn’t want a lifetime commitment, Jenny had the sinking suspicion she’d take whatever he was willing to give.

She was weak when it came to Colt Davis.

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