Melanie and Blake

Short Story/6500 words
Heat Index: Hot and Steamy

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Blake Chambers is the president of the Lone Star Cattle Ranchers Association, and it’s time for the Annual Christmas Ball. Blake doesn’t know the first thing about organizing a holiday dance. Lucky for him, Melanie Woods does. The sexy Meeting/Events Manager at the Coyote Lake Resort Hotel takes charge and all goes smoothly . . . until Blake’s date cancels at the last minute. Melanie can’t believe it when the ruggedly handsome rancher asks her to step in and be his escort for the night. In the spirit of the holidays, how can she refuse?


“Then how about it?” Blake asked. “Go with me tonight and be my date. We’ve worked hard together organizing the dance. You should be there.”

It was tempting, but wouldn’t going with Blake be mixing business with pleasure? Professional with personal? “I don’t have anything to wear,” Melanie said, stalling for time.

He held her away from him, keeping his hands on her shoulders, and looked her up and down. Admiration and desire gleamed in his oh-so-blue eyes. “You look great,” he said after looking his fill. “Just wear what you’ve got on.”

“No way,” she said with a flustered laugh. “The Christmas Ball is a formal affair. I can’t wear my work clothes.”

“You look beautiful to me.” He pulled her against him again and stared down into her eyes. “But then again, you always do.” Bending his head, he kissed her.

What could a girl say to such an honest declaration as that? And how long had she dreamed of this moment? Melanie gave it up, draped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

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