Kristy and Jim

Short Story/6500 words
Heat Index: Hot and Steamy

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Courageous firefighter, fearless beekeeper. In the face of danger, Jim Hennessey goes in and gets the job done. But in matters of the heart, the handsome Texan isn’t so brave.

When a swarm of honeybees takes up residence in Kristy Baker’s backyard, Jim comes to the rescue and captures them. Can he capture Kristy’s heart as well?


Kristy’s stomach clenched at the contact. She forced herself to sit still and not reach out and touch him. Jim’s big body was jammed against her in the confines of the truck. He felt hard and strong. Heat and energy radiated from his big body.

Jim handed her the bottle of water. Their hands brushed and gazes locked. Kristy sat frozen in place, mesmerized by those golden brown eyes.

“I want to ask you out,” he said. He dropped his gaze to her lips and touched a finger to the bottom one. “I want to kiss you.”

Jim gathered Kristy close and plunged his tongue into her sweet warm mouth. She responded with an eagerness that matched his own. He thrust his fingers into her short blond hair, tilting her head for better access.

He tangled his tongue with hers, tugging and sucking; mimicking what he’d like to do to her in bed. Trailing his fingers slowly down the curve of her neck, Jim traced the path across the satin-smooth skin and soft fabric of her t-shirt.

Kristy moaned into his mouth, and he felt her arms tighten around him. Suddenly it wasn’t enough. He had to touch her . . .

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